hardcore punk

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Let me start off by saying what we are NOT. We are not a "company" or "corporation" making money off hardcore punk. I've been into punk since 1980 and it is truly a way of life for me. It is who I am, hardcore punk, and what I will be until I die. I started Dr. Strange Records in 1988 in an effort for like, hardcore punk, minded people to get rare punk records for FAIR prices.

hardcore punk

My "hobby" has not only turned into the biggest mailorder for hardcore punk in all the world, but also a record label (in 1989) and a store in California (opened in 1997). We're a small hardcore punk operation...there's myself, my wife and my three friends: Chaddie, Hot Dog Boy and Thom-Ass doing the best we can to get you the best hardcore punk "stuff" for the best prices. So please keep that in mind when ordering products, by mail or online such hardcore punk, we always do our best to treat others the way WE would want to be treated.

Call: (909) 944-1778
Email: *drstrange@drstrange.com

hardcore punk
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